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Mr. Tam - 0919.243.248

Mr. Tam - 0919.243.248

Mrtam: 0919243248

Mrtam: 0919243248



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MODEL: VITO1210 (1210m3/h-200KW)

MODEL: VITO1210 (1210m3/h-200KW)

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Máy nén khí Piston Cao Áp KHÔNG DẦU dùng cho thổi chai PET - Hãng sản xuất: SIAD - Xuất xứ: ITALY - Model: VITO1210 - Lưu lượng: 1210 m3/giờ - Áp suất max: 40 Bar - Công suất: 200kW, 400V/50Hz, IP53, IE3 - Đầu nén kiểu chữ "V", 3 cấp nén - Vòng quay: 470 vòng/phút - Lượng dầu bôi trơn: ..... lít - Nhiệt độ làm việc: từ +5°C tới +40°C - Độ ồn: .... dB(A) (khoảng cách 1m) - Kích thước(LxWxH) mm: ..... x ... x ...

Call: 0919-243-248

We can offer, oil-free piston compressors, with water-cooled cylinders for blowing PET bottles. Our compressors are supplied with electric motors, heat exchangers, instrumentation, accessories, electrical panels, and are mounted on skids: in other words, ready to use.

 Range of our Air Compressors for PET bottle blowing
 Stages  3  3
 Maximum suction Volume  5 760 m3/h  2 430 acfm
 Maximum power  945 kW  1 290 HP
 Maximum delivery pressure  42 bar (a)  610 psi (a)
 Cylinder configuration  verticale, V, W  verticale, V, W

Our compressors compress air and respect all the regulations in force in the food sector. We have designed two lines that respond to all requirements: the three stage line -TEMPO2, now joined by the recently launched VITO range, and the Screw + Booster Piston Compressor line – the BS line.

With our own engineering services we can build compressors which can be perfectly integrated with existing production lines:

Siad Macchine Impianti also offers many maintenance services thanks to its dedicated Global Service Departement.

To see the SIAD Macchine Impianti catalogues dedicated to Standard Compressors for PET click here.


Air Compressor for PET Bottles: VITO Model

SIAD Macchine Impianti’s range of Air Compressors for blowing PET bottles is greatly enhanced by the arrival of a new Compressor range – which is the result of a painstaking design process lasting 16 months, with 6 different prototypes created, and over 6 months of arduous testing.

This is the VITO range, developed to meet the requirements of SIAD Macchine Impianti’s client companies, who request above all energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact, maximum reliability and a design which satisfies the need for ergonomic practicability in maintenance and operation: all requests which the VITO range has been developed to satisfy to the fullest extent.

Eco-friendly compressor

  • Spray-painted without solvents
  • reduced environmental impact
  • reduced weight and volume
  • reduced specific energy consumption
  • reduced emissions of CO2
  • solar panels
  • web manuals

International standards

  • air quality in compliance with ISO8573


  • Frequency variator to regulate the air flow to suit the requirements of the blowers and to increase energy efficiency.
  • Control panel for the simultaneous control of multiple compressed air lines.
  • Air re-injection system to optimize energy consumption.
  • Soundproofed cab with compact design ensuring easy access for maintenance.


Model Capacity  Installed power Speed
VITO1210 1.210 fad m³/h 712 cfm 200 kW 272 HP 470 rpm
VITO1330 1.330 fad m³/h 783 cfm 220 kW 299,2 HP 520 rpm
VITO1520 1.520 fad m³/h 895 cfm 250 kW 340 HP 590 rpm
VITO1720 1.720 fad m³/h 1.012 cfm 280 kW 380,8 HP 670 rpm
VITO1920 1.920 fad m³/h 1.130 cfm 315 kW 428,4 HP 750 rpm

















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